Windshield & Glass Replacement


Do you have damaged windows or glass on your car?

Whether it was the result of a stray pebble on the highway or your son’s poor aim with a baseball, damaged glass is an issue you should leave to the experts at Fine Touch. Our staff is trained in repairing broken windows, shattered glass, damaged side-view mirrors, and rear windows on any make or model of vehicle. Our technicians are skilled at removing glass using a silk string, as to not damage the surrounding paint. If the paint is damaged during removal, rust may set in and later cause the glass to crack.

These methods may take extra time, but we ensure a seal around the glass that will maintain its integrity. Even if it is just a small chip, bring your vehicle to us right away so our team can repair it before the crack spreads. Ontario has a wide variety of temperatures that can cause a seemingly harmless chip to spread across your entire windshield. Let Fine Touch handle your damaged glass so it looks like new and lasts a lifetime.