Dents & Scratches


Minor to major dents & scratches

Dents and scratches are very common issues we see here at Fine Touch. No matter how severe or minor the damage is, our professionally trained staff will repair your vehicle to look like nothing ever happened. With our extensive knowledge and wide variety of equipment, we keep costs down by efficiently fixing the affected area. We understand the importance of having your vehicle looking its best, so let us remove any bumps or dings to ensure a perfectly smooth surface all around.

Benefits of repairing your car's minor dents & scratches

The smallest dent or scratch can devalue your vehicle and reduce its curb appeal. By eliminating these blemishes right away, you can keep your car looking its best. If you intend to sell your vehicle in the future, keeping it free of any minor problems like this is necessary to obtain the highest resale value.

By not properly repairing these marks, you risk encountering more severe and expensive issues down the road. When a scratch occurs, a vehicle’s underlying metal base is exposed to harmful elements like rain and snow. Without its protective clear coat and paint to stop this, rust may form and develop throughout the rest of the car. Similarly, issues like cracks in the car’s coating can easily spread to other areas of the vehicle, resulting in a more extensive paint job.

Even though these issues may seem minor, they are sometimes an indication of severe damage within the vehicle. Depending on the extent, a dent or scratch may be a sign of frame damage. Bringing your vehicle to our shop soon after you receive a dent or scratch enables us to catch these underlying issues before they worsen.

How we eliminate your vehicle’s dents & scratches

If your dent is minor, we often use our paintless dent repair methods to fix it. This process involves using specialized tools to push or pull the dent out of the affected panel. As long as the paint is not damaged from the dent, this approach can be used to keep costs down and quickly repair your vehicle.

To fix more significant dents and scratches, we use a combination of our framework puller and heated downdraft paint spray booth. After re-establishing the shape of the affected area, our specialist will re-paint your vehicle to fully eliminate any trace of the issue. Depending on how severe the dent or scratch is, you can expect your vehicle to be repaired within just a few days.