Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless dent repair for minor auto body issues

At Fine Touch, we offer paintless dent repair for minor damages like dents and scratches that have not completely removed any paint. This specialized method is ideal for less-severe issues that do not warrant an insurance claim. The complexity of the dent determines whether or not paintless dent repair is a viable option. If it is a simple dent with no creases and minimal depth, we can easily repair the damage within a single day.

When a dent has a crease, it can be far more difficult to pull or push it out with regular paintless dent repair methods. These imperfections impact our ability to totally eliminate the damage and will therefore require more significant auto body work. If the dent is deep, this may also indicate further damage below the surface. All vehicles are built with multiple layers designed to absorb the impact of a collision. If these underlying supports are compromised by a significant dent, we will need to fix them to guarantee your safety on the road.

How we keep your repair costs down

Our skilled repairmen have extensive experience in eliminating minor body issues with paintless dent repair methods. This technique enables us to perform this service with speed and efficiency. By eliminating the blemish without a full panel replacement or paint job, it lowers your costs while removing any evidence of the impact.

Paintless dent repair is especially cost-effective if you are coming to the end of a lease and wish to minimize any extra return costs without paying a large amount out of your own pocket. These charges add up quickly when returning a leased vehicle, which is why it is ideal to let our skilled team eliminate any trace of the damage beforehand.

Our effective paintless dent repair process

At Fine Touch Collision, our team utilizes a five-step process to fix your car’s small dents with paintless dent repair. First, one of our skilled repairmen will assess the damage on your vehicle and whether or not paintless dent repair is viable. They will inspect the dent for any creases or significant depth.

Next, if paintless dent repair is possible, they will clean the area and attach a suction-mounted LED light to easily see the intricacies of the dent. Following this step, specialized tools are used to reach the dent from below the surface of the panel. These are then used to slowly push the dent out from underneath. To even out the panel’s surface, a plastic tapping tool is used with a rubber mallet to delicately press any areas that are bowed out.

Once the surface is fully repaired and evened out, we use our DeWalt polisher to fully eliminate any trace of the damage. This complex process requires years of experience and a well-trained eye to perform successfully. Thankfully, our entire team understands the unique intricacies of paintless dent repair.