Car painting with our heated downdraft spray booth

We offer in-house painting services at Fine Touch Collision that are unlike those provided by other auto body repair shops. With our specialized heated downdraft spray booth, we can refinish a car and have the paint fully cured within 30 minutes. By using its heated airflow technology, paints are quickly baked onto your car, which speeds up turnaround and ultimately gets your vehicle back to you faster.

Since paints can fade over time, we will scan your vehicle and match the exact shade of your car at the time of repair. With our air-tight mixing room, we minimize dust particle contamination and create a beautiful colour combination that makes your car look like new.

This system also cleans all air particles prior to releasing them outside. Our advanced filters are changed on a regular basis to ensure these standards are always upheld. Everything we do at Fine Touch is considerate of the impact we leave on our community, city, and planet. We value sustainability and being a good neighbour to those around us.

When to repaint your vehicle

Our shop usually paints vehicles after we eliminate the damage from a collision. When bodywork is required, the paint is likely already damaged and needs to be stripped off to perform the repairs. In this case, we always finish by applying a perfectly matching paint to the affected areas.

Even if you have not been involved in a collision, there are still other reasons to repaint your vehicle. If you notice that your paint has faded or does not have the same vibrancy it once had, this is a sign to bring your vehicle to Fine Touch Collision. Your clear coat has likely been worn away, which has exposed your paint to harmful environmental elements. When this occurs, your car’s original shade will fade and require a revitalization.

Bubbles and chips in the paint are likely an indication of a damaged clear coat. If you notice these signs, it is best to repair the paint quickly as they may lead to more serious and expensive issues if not properly dealt with. Rust could form in these exposed areas and easily spread to other parts of your vehicle. When this occurs, an entirely new paint job can be necessary to eliminate the rust.

Custom painting with Fine Touch Collision

Our shop also offers custom painting services to customers who desire a new look for their vehicle. We enjoy getting creative to produce eye-catching colour combinations for any style. With our modern technology and professional painting specialists, your freshly coloured car will be ready in as little as a single day. Trust our team to make your vehicle look completely different and unique to you.